Tom Hanks is lovable and talented

Tom Hanks is lovable and talented

But you already knew that!


I will see any movie Tom Hanks touches.  He is so versatile, talented, unassumingly good looking, makes me think he would be a really good dad, is America’s sweetheart, blah, blah, blah.  It’s on every American’s birth certificate that they have to love Tom Hanks.  But I won’t see his new film Larry Crowne even though it stars Hanks and America’s other sweetheart, Julia Roberts.  Even that star power couldn’t save the film. It has only grossed $21.9 million dollars worldwide since its July 1st premiere.  Sorry, Tom.  Despite this very uncommon mis-step, let’s remember why we love Tom Hanks with a trip through memory lane of his movie roles and producing gigs.  

Splash (1984)--This movie with Daryl Hannah was Tom Hanks' big break.  It was sweet and he was very endearing when he fell in love with a mermaid.  Face it; it was better than the cartoon.  


Big (1988)--This will always be my favorite Tom Hanks movie.  In it, he plays a boy who turns into a man. Elizabeth Perkins falls for him when he is a man-boy who plays with toys and it makes you feel really icky inside and bad for her.  Sometimes I see that infinitely creepy Zoltar fortune-teller with the huge mouth at fairs or in people's front yards and I want to ask it to turn me back into a kid, too. 


Turner & Hooch (1989) This is a sweet movie where Tom Hanks plays a neat detective who gets a slobbery and adorable dog named Hooch. Obviously, the pair fall in love. This is probably Tom Hanks’ best chemistry with a costar. 


A League of Their Own (1992) I always forget that Tom Hanks is in this movie because he gets a little overshadowed by Madonna, Gina Davis and Rosie O’Donnell.  But I guess that proves that Tom Hanks is the regular guy you always thought he was and doesn't have an EGO.  Tom is enough of a professional to take it.  In this movie, he plays a washed up baseball player who is severely pissed off in having to coach the women’s league. 


Sleepless in Seattle (1993)/You’ve Got Mail (1998) The two movies that team up of the most adorable celebrities in Hollywood are both, not surprisingly, adorable.  What ever happened to Meg Ryan anyway?  Her shaggy haired Muppet smile must not have translated onscreen after the year 2000.  In Sleepless in Seattle, Tom Hanks lives on a houseboat and in You’ve Got Mail he is the nasty-come-again-sweet face of a corporate chain. 


Philadelphia (1993)/ Forrest Gump (1994) Tom Hanks won the Academy Award for Best Actor two years running for playing Andrew Beckett, an HIV-positive gay lawyer who was fired from his big shot law position.  The next year he played Forrest Gump, a mentally handicapped man, at all stages of his life.  Hanks proved his acting chops with these two roles, playing characters who were and are rarely seen played with such humanity on the big screen. 


The Great Buck Howard (2008) This movie was a great one that nobody saw.  It was also seriously adorable because it was produced by Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson and starred Hanks' son, Colin.  Tom Hanks has a small part as Colin Hanks' father. The film also stars the fantastic John Malkovich as a has-been mentalist.