Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

This 2009 Disney/Pixar creation is a perfect "sick day" movie

I've been sick for the last few days. Today was the first day I didn't feel like sleeping all day, so I decided to watch television. After flipping through the guide and finding nothing intriguing in daytime television, I tuned to the free movie channels to see if there was anything worth watching.

"Toy Story 3" had just started, so I settled in to watch it. I'd seen it at the theater with my husband when it came out in 2009, but I hadn't seen it since then. I had forgotten how enjoyable it was. And, it's not often that an animated flick makes me weepy. I can't blame it on my medication either, because it made me weepy the first time I saw it too.

In the third installment of the "Toy Story" franchise, Andy is getting ready to go to college and must decide what he wants to do with Woody, Buzz and the rest of his toys. He puts Woody in the box marked 'college', and decides to put the rest of the toys in the attic. He fills up a garbage bag and starts to head for the attic, but drops the bag in order to help his sister Molly. His mother trips over the bag, and thinking it's trash, takes the bag to the curb.

Buzz and the others escape the garbage, but they think that Andy was throwing them away instead of taking them to the attic. Woody tries to convince the toys that it was a mistake that they wound up in the garbage, but they don't believe him. Feeling abandoned, they join the box of Molly's toys that are being donated to a day care.

The day care toys are lead by Lotso, a strawberry-scented bear, who turns out to be not-so nice. Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of Andy's toys are sent to the Caterpillar room, with the youngest tots in the day care. The toys feel that they've gone to Heaven, but after a day in the day care, they quickly change their minds.

The rest of the movie is spent with Woody trying to rescue the toys from the day care. They all return to Andy's home in the nick of time, right before Andy packs up his car and leaves for college. Woody climbs into the 'college' box, while the other toys gather in a box marked 'attic'. Woody scribbles a note to Andy, indicating that he should donate the toys to a little girl, Bonnie, who treats her toys the way Andy did. While taking the toys to Bonnie, Andy discovers that Woody is also in the box to be donated, instead of in the box he was taking to college. Reluctant to give up Woody, Andy finally realizes it's best to keep the toys together and gives Woody to Bonnie for safekeeping.