'Vanishing on 7th Street' -- Spooky Street!

'Vanishing on 7th Street' -- Spooky Street!


Judging, after viewing the trailer for "Vanishing on 7th Street," the flick looks like a dark picture. Yes, there are lots of scenes of darkness. The cast is made up of good actors, Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo. The concept or concepts of the flick is / are interesting.

Interesting concept one: What if everybody but you and a few others disappeared. The entire population is gone, as if they've been raptured? Raptured? The rapture! They are gone, but their clothes and stuff are left? (More on this rapture motif later)

Interesting concept two: What would happened if the lights went out and there was something lurking in the dark to snatch you up? A monster? Or what ever?

Interesting concept three: What if you had to stay within the light or perish?

Interesting concept four: What if you are told not to trust any light but your own, the light that you are holding in your sweaty, shaking frighten hands?

Yes, the concept / concepts is / are good. The scary hooks are good. And if a viewer is so incline, each of these concepts could lead to hours of philosophical discussion (bull sessions) on man, God, self and community, or on how horror movie makers mess with a person's head.

Now back to this rapture business. It looks like this rapture stuff is on the minds of two or more film makers these days. What are these film makers saying? Are they saying, boys and girls, and the movie watching public, these times are bad, but we could be snatched up into something worse?!

Any way the flick is directed by Brad Anderson, and it is scheduled to have its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Sunday, September 12th. Does that mean the director pumped up the brainy stuff so that the flick would look arty? Don't know. The flick looks scary, which is what a thriller / horror / maybe sci-fi flick should be.

My review of this trailer: It does the job. It should haul a six-wheeler full of folks to the theater to see the movie.