What To Expect in 2012

What To Expect in 2012

If you thought that the year 2011 brought in a lot of good movies wait until you see what is in store for 2012. The year 2011 brought us some great movies from some of our favorite actors and actresses but 2012 is promising to bring some even better movies. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

·         Piranha 3DD: You probably remember Piranha from 2012. Well, for those of you who liked that movie the 2012 version is said to out do it.  

·         Contraband: This is a drama that is expected to hit the theaters in January 2012.

·         Man on Ledge: If you like crimes and thrillers you may want to check out this movie when it hits the theaters in January 2012.

·         The Divide: Another January release that is expected to be a hit – at least to those who like thrillers, actions and science fiction movies.

·         Underworld 4: Yes that is right in January all you Underworld lovers can expect another sequel.

·         Safe House: For all of you Denzel Washington fans be on the lookout for this movie in February 2012.

·         The Croods: Be on the lookout for a Fred vs Barney movie – the Flintstones – that the whole family can enjoy. It is expected to be super funny.

·         Playing the Field: This is another comedy that is expected to provide you with tons of laughs.

·         What to Expect When Your Expecting: If you remember the popular baby book for first time mothers now you can see it in the theaters. Be on the lookout for this movie in May of 2012.