Why 2012 the movie is going to Kick Ass

Why 2012 the movie is going to Kick Ass

It's been a long time coming. The disaster film to end all disaster films. It's coming to a theater near you November 13, 2009

2012: The Movie

 There are many reasons why I love disaster movies. Usually they're extremely cheesy, the tend to freak me out, and it's just fun to ponder what life would be like if there was a cataclysmic event none of us were prepared for. Hence 2012, the movie.

I've had a huge interest in 2012 ever since I heard about it. I've been to Mayan ruins, and I could feel the intelligence of the beings that once inhabited those areas. If they say the end of the world is going to happen 12/21/12, then who's to say it's not?

This premise of this movie is that 2012 is coming, no one is prepared, and everyone is going to die. For 2 hours we will watch courageous acts and non-stop death. Are you ready?

The preview is enough to scare me shitless, so I'm pretty nervous for the nightmare aftermath after I watch this flick. In the preview alone there are meteors, earthqaukes, the Vatican collapeses, entire cities seem to have broken off from the U.S. (goodbye California!). Yet, in true wonderful disaster movie fashion, the leading lady (Amanda Peet) has perfect hair and makeup and doesn't look at all like she's just survived the beginning of the end of the world.

The government of course has had a secret plot in the works to make "Noah's Ark" type ships (see Giraffe being airlifted) that will bring chosen people (and apparently animals) to safety... but if you have any idea how our government really works, you'll probably chuckle and realize that a plan of this magnitude is not very likely to be carried out easily or well.

Then it seems as if our leading man, played by the AMAZING John Cusack decideds to say "fuck it" I'm fighting for myself and my family, and goes off on his own survival mission sans the powers that be.

Death. Destruction. Spending your last days on Earth with John Cusack. This is definitely a movie I'll be waiting on line to see. Perhaps in the daytime though.

Special Bonus: You can register for the lottery to be one of the chose ones at http://www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org/

It seems like a nice little RPG the makers of 2012 have put out for us geeks. If you dig into it, you get to find out more about some of the main characters. I just hope they give the readers of this special site some special easter eggs in the movie or something. Otherwise I don't give a crap.

Concerns: My concern with this movie is that it's going to be overly dramatic, all of the amazing disaster scenes are going to take place within 10 minutes, and we'll have to sit through the remaining 2.5 hours of the movie listening to Amanda Peet whine because she is SO not beefy enough to be a survival chick.

Look out War of the Worlds. I think 2012 is going to take over the reigns as my new nightmare movie.