Will Ferrell in a Spanish-Language Comedy?

Will Ferrell in a Spanish-Language Comedy?

'Casa de Mi Padre' begins limited run in theaters soon

Have you heard that Will Ferrell is starring in a new Spanish-language comedy movie? Casa de Mi Padre might just be Ferrell's Ron Burgundy, done up Mexican-style. The movie hits theaters in limited release in the next few days, and it looks kind of funny.

The cast for Casa de Mi Padre is phenomenal, which is really what caught my attention. This one might be worth seeing, depending on how the critic's reviews turn out. Will Ferrell, with subtitles? It's definitely interesting, but will it be as hilarious as some of Ferrell's other movies?It's been nearly a full year now since the first official trailer for Casa de Mi Padre came out. When it first hit, I'll admit I had absolutely NO clue what the heck this movie was about -- Will Ferrell? Speaking Spanish? What?!  Turns out, Casa de Mi Padre (Home of My Father) is a spoof comedy movie that pokes a great deal of fun at traditional Spanish telenovelas (over-the-top melodramas).

In Casa de Mi Padre, Ferrell plays ranch hand Armando Alvarez. For years, Armando has led a quiet life, tending to his father's sprawling Mexican ranch. When Armando's younger brother, Raul (Diego Luna), shows up with his beautiful fiance, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez), in tow, things get really interesting. As it turns out, Raul has a few debts -- with the wrong people. Armando and Raul wind up in a war with a particularly nasty Mexican drug lord, "La Onza" (the always brilliant Gael Garcia Bernal).

Here's a trailer for Casa de Mi Padre:


Oh, and Nick Offerman is in this! Fans of Offerman, aka Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation, will certainly enjoy his turn as a bumbling DEA agent.

I'm not entirely sure that Casa de Mi Padre is a MUST see - yet. If reviews are really good (and, at last check, they aren't) I might give this one a shot. Will Ferrell comedies, for me, are hit or miss. Sometimes I'll wait for the DVD.

If anyone does catch this, let me know in the comments. I'd love to know what you thought!!