'Your Highness' - For Big Kids with Little Kids Inside of Them

'Your Highness' - For Big Kids with Little Kids Inside of Them

The Pineapple Express Goes Medieval?

This is a trailer review. I haven't seen the movie, just the trailer.

Your Highness -- from the Director of the Pineapple Express -- we are warned in the trailer. Little kiddies be warned. This is not for you. This is an "r' rated flick for big kiddies.

Well, sword and sorcery, knights and fools, wizards and monsters, lovely ladies in distress, a hot woman warrior, a big budget screen epic, what more can one ask for to waste, enjoyably, a couple of hours? Eye candy, mind candy, fluff and jokes too. Should one expect more from a commercial flick?. Naughty language? It's got that too? Girls stripping down? That too. Dirty one-liners? That too.

The kid in me is always looking to escape back, back to the old movie house. The stories in the movies may have been flat screen deep, but the movies roared and the adventure jumped from the screen, and took me by the eyes and the head, and yanked into ninety minutes or so worth of fun. Well?

Again, this is a big kid's movie for the big kid who has the little, naughty kid in him. This is "R' rated stuff with the "s" word flying freely from the mouths and the "F" bombs being dropped.

Language aside? The non-heroic brother looks so unknighty, that he would be challenged getting on and off of a horse, and he has the body of an old style movie villain. Is somebody pulling a little too hard on the laugh line?

In the little kid's movies, big kid, the medieval ladies didn't strip down to what appears to be as modern bikini underwear, while the hero and his brother play the parts of peeking Toms. This is the big kid stuff that makes this little kids' stuff story, sans the language, et al., big kids stuff.

The villain looks more goofy than powerful, but he and everybody has a nasty mouth

The premiss for this movie is good. This movie is a comedy and I began to laugh as I read the synopsis. This flick is about this hero and his not heroic brother, the good for nothing brother. The hero is a knight, upholding the standards of chivalry, rescuing damsels in distress, slaying dragons and foiling the plots of the plain wicked and of the dastardly evil dooers, and his brother is, well his brother.

The cast Danny McBride as the doofus brother, and James Franco, as the model of manly and knightly virtue. These are two princes on a mission to rescue the heroic brother's wife-to-be, Zooey Deschanel, who has been kidnapped by a baddie . The hero goes on the mission out of love and duty, the brother goes because he's been ordered to go or be disinherited. Natalie Portman joins the brothers on the journey. She is a warrior in the movie, and is in the cast for added eye candy appeal on the screen.

What do I think of the trailer? Will it draw the nasty mouth, blue joke smirking, big kids to the picture show? Probably. yes. Then the trailer serves its purpose.

The movie is scheduled opening date is April 8, 2011.