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Robocop Reboot – Better Not Suck!


I loved the original Robocop when I was a little kid.  Man plus metal and lots of big guns equals good fun, especially when you’re 13 years old.  Going back and rewatching the film, I realized that I perhaps gave it a little too much credit.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a fun film to watch, but it just isn’t the marvel of story writing that I once believed it to be.  I guess all illusions fade with age.  When I heard they were rebooting the film, however, I was still excited to see what they might do with it.

What originally got me excited about the new Robocop was the fact that Darren Aronofsky’s name was attached to it as director.  This has since changed, unfortunately, and the brilliant Aronofsky has been replaced with the not-so-well-known Jose Padilha.  The script, however, is being handled by Nick Schenk, the sharp mind who penned Clint Eastwood’s Academy Award winner, Gran Torino.  I am excited once again.

If Schenk can bring some of the dark humanity that he put into Gran Torino over to the Robocop franchise, we might be looking at a remarkable film that explores a bit more than which guns kill which bad guys.  Padilha has gone so far as to state that this new version will be much different from the original, focusing on the process of the man becoming the machine and less on the special effects of blowing things up in cool ways.

Though casting is still in the works, I am once again hopeful that this movie will be worth watching.  If the team of Padilha and Schenk can truly demonstrate the psychological qualities that they seem to be suggesting, we may have more than a bad spin on an old cult classic to look forward to.