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Watch Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn Duke It Out In "The Gangster Squad"

Ryan Gosling has been on quite the streak lately, with "Drive", "The Ides Of March", and "Crazy, Stupid Love", all three of which came out last year.  So it comes to no surprise to me that his newest film, "The Gangster Squad", looks action-packed and compelling.  Starring Sean Penn, John Brolin, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Giovanni Ribisi and Anthony Mackie, this film charts the path of real-life mafia boss Mickey Cohen, with Ryan Gosling and company playing the cops sent to take him down. Watch and see:

Gangster Squad Official Trailer #1 (2012) Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone Movie HD

It looks like the police are sent as a off-the-books team: destroying, arresting, killing and generally causing no good to Cohen and crew. I like the echoes of "The Untouchables" in here, even though we are clearly looking at a more vigilante theme here, much more like "L.A. confidential".  Coming from Ruben Fleischer, director of "Zombieland" and "30 Minutes Or Less", and based on a book "Tales of the Gangster Squad" by Paul Lieberman, the film is released October 19th.