Hunger Games Trailer Released

Hunger Games Trailer Released

Have you seen it? If not, click here immediately. It’s pretty much all that fans have been hoping for and more. I have yet to hear from anyone really disappointed with the full Hunger Games trailer that was released on Monday, and if they are, well, they’re fishing.

The trailer itself is pretty ingenious; it follows the story from beginning to middle, succinctly giving moviegoers who haven’t read the books (hint: go read them. They are amazing!) a good idea about what the film is about. It also gave fans a glimpse into most of what we were craving: the reaping, the Capitol, a peek at Effie, Peeta, Rue, and Cinna (as well as Thresh, Cato, and Clove—not to mention President Snow), some of Katniss’s outfits, and of course, the Cornucopia scene. But that’s where it ends, which is pretty perfect; the trailer concludes with a countdown as the tributes size each other up, ready to be released into the actual arena—and then, as they make their dash into that horrible bloodbath, it cuts out and all we can hear is Rue’s four-note song.

Goosebumps, anyone? I’ve watched it about a dozen times (I know, such a nerd) and I still get them. The part that always makes me choke up—and never failed to do so in the book, of course—is when Katniss shrieks, “I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute.” Jennifer Lawrence did that perfectly, from what I could see; in fact, all of the actors exhibit spot-on portrayals from the peek we’ve received. If it’s any indication, this film could be the most amazing of its kind.

The one thing that I didn’t like about the trailer—aside from the fence around District 12, which seemed way too short for me—was the lack of Haymitch. A phrase was included, but we didn’t really get to see him—and if the photos released are any indication, I am a bit disappointed. Haymitch is a cranky, sarcastic drunk, and Woody Harrelson, while handsome, has yet to seem like that at all. In fact, if his interviews are any indication, Haymitch’s character may experience a change—which is too bad, because his surly alcoholism is a big part of the effects of the Games. I absolutely love Woody, but I really hope his “adjustments” aren’t too big, since Haymitch is pretty much perfect as the highly flawed, drunken mentor that he is.

I am also disappointed in the fan outcry against Rue being black (as well as Cinna’s skin color); it explicitly says that in the book, yet fans are angry since they pictured her as white! I am at the opposite end, being disappointed that Katniss’s olive-colored skin, possibly due to mixed race, isn’t included in the film. I think there’s a lot of diversity in the film to be embraced and applaud so many different races being used in the movie—perhaps there is not as much as there could have been, but much more is present than I thought would be included initially. I can’t wait for March!