February 2012

Finding Neverland

The story of how Peter Pan came to be

I love Johnny Depp, but I don’t necessarily like all of his movies. By far, one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies is “Finding Neverland”.  Last weekend we had a Johnny Depp marathon at my house, and this was one of the films we watched.

I like this movie not only because it stars Depp, but I really enjoy the story as well. It is the story of the family who inspired J.M. Barrie’s classic “Peter Pan”.

Night At The Museum

Chaos ensues at the Museum of Natural History

My husband and I watched “Night At The Museum” on DVD tonight. I had forgotten how cute this movie is. It’s been a while since I’d seen it.

“Night At The Museum” stars Ben Stiller as Larry, a down-on-his-luck divorced dad who gets a job as the night guard at the Museum of Natural History. Larry is taking over for the three-man team of guards, played by Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs, who are retiring. While Larry is not excited about the job, he takes it in order to pay his bills and prove to his son that he is not a loser.

After the first night on the job, Larry realizes that being the night guard is not going to be as boring as he first thought. Because of an ancient Egyptian tablet housed in the museum, all of the museum exhibits come to life once the sun sets. Being inexperienced, Larry does not know how to handle Rex, the dinosaur skeleton; Attila the Hun; the Easter Island head; the Neanderthals; the miniature dioramas of gladiators and the Old West; and the capuchin monkey Dexter. He makes it through the night with the help of Teddy Roosevelt, played by Robin Williams.

Review: The Exorcist

There are few movies out there that can make a person put the covers over the head faster than The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. It's a story not only about the possession of a young girl by an evil demon, but also the inner battle of faith for Father Karras.


It starts with a young girl, Regan, who is possessed by a demon. No one believes her and they put her through a battery of tests both physical and psychological. One of the reasons this movie is rated R is because of the actions and language used by such a young girl. While gruesome, they exemplify how the demon inside her acts and treats its host body. Regan is a sweet young girl, but the demon makes her do things outrageous just to show its control.

The Fastest Sword

Wuxia "Western"

One of my favorite older “wuxia” or Chinese sword fantasies is 1968's “The Fastest Sword” by the Shaw Brothers studio. This movie is about an expert swordsman, nicknamed “The Southern Sword,” who wanders around dueling with other swordsmen just to see who's better. He kills his opponents with no remorse, and no very great difficulty either, until he meets a mysterious old man who thoroughly trounces him. He begs to be taken on as an apprentice, but the old man just wants him to carve a Buddha statue. It takes him a year to finish, but the old man isn't satisfied- he wants a smaller statue. The same thing happens over and over until the old man is finally pleased, by which point the swordsman has learned a respect for art and beauty- and thus a respect for human life.

Adam Sandler's "Candyland" Adaptation

Another nail in his stupid-movie coffin.

Adam Sandler seems to have a severe case of multiple personality disorder, at least in terms of the kinds of movies he likes to make. He’s been critically acclaimed for his role in Punch Drunk Love, but then made one of the most poorly-received movies in recent history, Jack and Jill. Sandler seems like he’s inclined himself towards the latter: making terrible movies. He’s just announced that he will create and star in a movie adaptation of Candyland. Yes, the children’s board game.