November 2012

Review: Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Not quite as amazing as it could have been, but pretty good nonetheless.

Since it finally came out on DVD, I decided I would actually give the new incarnation of the Spider-Man franchise a try.  I’ve always liked the Lizard as a villain so at the very least I wouldn’t be completely disappointed, right?  And after the utter disaster that was Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man had nowhere to go but up.


Final 'Twilight' movie installment takes top spot at the weekend box office.

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' has a big finish.

Is anyone in the world surprised that Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was the winner at the weekend box office? I didn't think so. I mean, come on people, this is the last Twilight movie after all! Still, believe it or not, some of us actually did hit the movie theaters to see other films, myself included.


Cute, furry and deadly

Ah, the 80s. Where would crazy killer mutant alien creatures be without this glorious decade? Critters is one of those movies that isn't afraid to make fun of itself. I mean, it's hard to be scared of tiny little rolling fur balls with teeth.

Disney devours Lucasfilm: ‘Star Wars’ Episode VII is Coming!

Rumors fly in the wake of the big news that there will indeed be more ‘Star Wars’ movies.

The news that seems to be on everyone’s mind as of late is that concerning the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney and their promise that another Star Wars trilogy is on the way.  Some greet this change with elation while others are a bit skeptical, albeit justifiably considering the last three Star Wars flicks and how much they physically hurt to watch.  But the potential for Disney to turn out some great stuff

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

After many delays, this prequel to BSG finally makes it to audiences.

I am, and always will be, a huge Battlestar Galactica fan.  When I was a young kid, I watched the original series.  And when it came back in its latest incarnation, I eagerly devoured every episode as they aired on television.  So when I heard that they were doing a prequel movie, I was a very happy man indeed.  And now that Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is finally here, I am even happier.


'Wreck-It Ralph' takes the top spot at the weekend box office

Disney film is an instant classic.

Many had predicted that Disney's Wreck-It Ralph would do very well in it's debut weekend, but I'm not sure anyone realized just how well the animated feature would do. Not only did Wreck-It Ralph win the top spot at the box office over the weekend, it shattered Disney's own records.

We had the pleasure of seeing Wreck-It Ralph, and I can tell you, this movie is a sheer delight! It's so much fun, so retro and for any of us who grew up playing those classic 1980s video games, it's a trip down memory lane, too. See this one folks, it's fantastic!

The Netflix difference

Where all the R-movies went

There was a time when the only place to watch an uncut R-rated movie was at the movies. When cable reared its head, suddenly we could watch R-movies on television, but they were mostly rehashed moves from the theater.

The theater is nearly devoid of R-movies these days, but streaming sites like Netflix have a treasure trove of moves that you've likely never even heard of. I admit that when I first started with Netflix, I stuck pretty close to that main page. They have a bevy of choices that they think I'll like and they were generally right.

Oz: The Great and Powerful

Because we need another male-centric movie!

Seeing this poster, you have to know how excited I was. Could this be some kind of Wicked adaptation? Would we get a Disney version of the Wicked Witch of the West? I didn’t care; I was just so excited. Oz was my very first fantasy experience, and it launched a lifetime love of paranormal interests, fantasy books, comics, even horror. Anything about it gets me excited.

But then, I realized that the title didn’t mean Oz as in the land of Oz, but the wizard himself. If you doubt this, just watch the horrid trailer above. Sure, there are some fun looking creatures, a couple of witches, and other interesting tidbits—but the majority of the trailer focuses on the fake wizard who lands himself in Oz and his stupid back story. Huzzah.

The Five Year Engagement

It feels like it took five years to watch this movie.

Quizzically staring at the blue screen, I could not stop wondering why. Why had I believed I would like this film? Sure, it starred a couple of people I like—Emily Blunt and Jason Segel—and it seemed like an entertaining notion enough, but I don’t normally like rom-coms in the first place. What was it that hooked me in and raised my expectations?

Oh, yes. The association with Bridesmaids. I suppose anything that’s associated with the funniest movie ever made—a movie that finally gets being female and surrounds female friendships rather than the whole “getting the boy” syndrome—is bound to get my attention.

It was a poor association, even if made by the same folks, because The Five Year Engagement was not engaging at all. It was annoying, sometimes gross, and more depressing than anything else. Blunt, typically a seemingly smart young woman, was made to appear quite stupid a few times in the film, while Segel’s character was so one-dimensional—and later, so bland and pathetic that you wonder why they are together in the first place—that it made my eyes burn to watch them. They had more chemistry in Gulliver’s Travels, for Pete's sake! Forget humor, forget romance; there was just this sort of hopelessness that makes you want to turn off the DVD player. I wish that I had.

Review: Going Postal (2010)

A fun and funny Terry Pratchett adaptation that takes a look at the postal system

Going Postal is one more chapter in the history and strange goings on that occur in Terry Pratchett’s mythical city of Ankh-Morpork.  Though this one doesn’t feature Death as a character (my favorite by far), it does manage to tell a fun story that entertains.  The movie shows up under the kids’ queue on Netflix, but it’s more complicated than being just another kids’ movie and at times it can even be quite dark.